Portrait of an Anomaly – Evelyn Bencicova
curated by Christine Enrile

c|e Contemporary
Via Tiraboschi 2/76
20135 – Milano

18 October 2019 - 11 January 2020

Timetables: mar-san 9-13 | 15-19; Thursday 10-13 | 15-20

"Portrait of an Anomaly", the first solo show in Italy of the Slovak visual story-teller Evelyn Bencicova, opened Friday 18 October from c | e Contemporary in Milan.

The images of Bencicova are distinguished by the soft, almost faded colors that characterize the environments, the poses of the subjects, and the suspended atmosphere of the captured moment: all elements that combine to create a surreal, almost dreamlike and timeless imaginary.

Through the two series on display “Asymptote” and “Artificial tears”, the artist investigates issues such as conformism and the future of artificial intelligence, staging a new world where the machine does not behave like man but rather , or at the same time, it is the human being that acts like an automaton.

A watershed between the two series is the fashion film "Asymptote" (2016), co-created by Evelyn with Adam Csoka Keller and Arielle Esther and awarded at the Fashion Film Festival Milan 2017: a hypnotic and hermetic video in which the photographic works of the "Asymptote" series come to life.

The exhibition ends with some images from the "Ecce Homo" series in which naked bodies appear in unnatural poses, creating geometric, almost architectural structures. Images in which the human being turns into an object and becomes part of the surrounding furniture.