“Days of Night – Nights of Day” is the name of the first Italian personal exhibition of Russian documentary photographer Elena Chernyshova, who collected a selection of shots taken between 2012 and 2013 to document the life of the inhabitants of Norilsk, the northernmost city of Siberia and the second most populated of the Arctic Circle. Chernyshova has photographed landscapes and intimate moments of the population of an isolated city, which when the Yenisei river is frozen and does not allow navigation can only be reached by air.

The exhibition shows the adaptive capacity of people in conditions of isolation, pollution and extreme climate. Norilsk is not only found in a remote place, but it is also one of the most polluted inhabited centers in the world due to its old metallurgical and mining industries built during the Soviet era.
“Days of Night – Nights of Day” has been open since April 11 and will remain so until October 5 at the c|e contemporary in Milan.

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