Born in Genoa in 1959. From 1985 to 1993 the content of his research aims to investigate the expressive possibilities of matter and symbol as opposed to artistic ephemeral (Studio Gennai- Pisa 1987, 1989, 1992 - Galleria Balestrini Albissola 1989, 1991 , Galleria Zenith- Turin 1990, Studio Alaya - Genoa 1993, Galleria A'PERT - Amsterdam 1989), later his work became more mental and while retaining a linguistic interest on the materiality and archetypal forms of the symbol, his research became focuses on the study of mental mechanisms of thought and perception, in relation to spatiality and memory, (Galleria A'PERT - Amsterdam Invisible double –1994, Leonardi V / Idea gallery - Genoa Suspensions between memory and oblivion - 1997, Galleria Silvy Bassanese - Biella Trasfigura -1998, Galleria Martano - Turin Sum over histories - 1999)

From 2000 he enters his work, as a distinctive trait of his path, the relationship with the photographic image, which allows him on the one hand to continue his research on the investigation of the mental mechanisms underlying the work and on the other, to deal with more contemporary issues; with a linguistic research aimed at subtracting the specific photographic image, to face its crisis. Testimony of this distinctive trait is found in the exhibitions held at the Silvy Bassanese Gallery in Biella (Shhmt - Passencore, 2000 - My hands, my mind, 2005), at the CACT in Bellinzona (Sottili Rivelazioni, 2000) at the Foyer of the Court Theater Genoa (My Heart, my shoes, videoinstallation 2001), in Turin “Manifest To” artist's poster curated by GAM, in Milan PAC -Padiglione Arte Contemporanea - (Utopias everyday) 2002, Galleria Maria Cilena (Game open edinternates) , 2003), in Modena S.Salvatore Gallery (Game over, 2003), Genoa Unimediamodern (Double game, 2005), Venice at the Michela Rizzo Gallery (Fresh and Clean, 2005), in Gavi Ligure (Polemos, 2006, edited by Angela Madesani)
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