DEER CROSSING (Hahnemühle Paper, wooden frames)

(born in Brig in 1978, lives and works in Bern) is an artist who studied at the Vevey School of Photography and at the School of Contemporary Art and Design in Bern. Like a common photographer, he takes pictures or takes them from the internet. Drawing from the materials of professional or video amateurs, he transforms his role as author-artist into that of a researcher who, exploring elsewhere through shots of strangers, lowers his charge of subjectivity and raises his critical spirit, carrying out a search of a sociological, cultural and political nature, in the style of a documentary filmmaker. In the photos of Deer Crossing, 2013, the artist poses the question about the status of the photographic image, about the belonging of the shot and about the decorative nature of a subject, such as the deer, which occurs in chalet paintings and tapestries, in that type of art that takes the name of Kitsch Wild. His work appears as a reflection on the touch screen society, where daily rituality, the virtual consumption of mass eroticism, delineate a disturbing picture of the contemporary. On show in Milan presents the video-projection All you can eat, 7’42 “, of 2011, a series of shots taken, on the internet, from amateur videos, in which passionate weapons collectors come to present them with pride, to reiterate visually the property, on the table where they eat breakfast. The picture thus conceived is classically part of the Still Life typology, where the reference to the vanity symbolism of vanity is inevitable. David Zehnder states that, in an attempt to diminish the social value of weapons, he focuses attention on food so as to make the scene readable as a normal menu. Nothing can hold him back, however, from witnessing the ease with which rifles can be procured in a society that still links them to a code of masculinity. By reproducing the exhibition moment, by an anonymous subject, of weapons, food, objects, Zehnder realizes a sharp portrait of the insecurities and fanaticism of certain individuals of today.


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